Are you searching for a home automation company with extensive experience in smart thermostats? Look no further than Connected Spaces in Hampshire! We are acclaimed suppliers and installers of Smart Home Automation, from simple, smart lighting installations to more complex ones like intelligent thermostat implementation. 

When it comes to home automation, a smart thermostat system is a top priority on any property owner’s list and for valid reasons. Smart thermostats have invaluable benefits like cutting monthly electrical costs and enhancing your property’s air quality and comfort. If you’re hesitant about replacing your outdated thermostat system, we understand. High-tech thermostats like the ones we offer are a significant investment.  

At Connected Spaces, we design, supply and install our smart thermostats in homes or offices here in Hampshire. Smart technology keeps on disrupting traditional methods to leverage our lifestyles. In this post, you’ll discover how our intelligent thermostat service works and why you’d want to invest in one. 

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We partnered with trusted brands in home automation like Lutron, Savant, and NIC EIC, thanks to their superior quality that needs minimum maintenance. We provide well-rounded home automation services in Hampshire, so you won’t need to look for more companies that only offer one or two. Invest in a smart home with us, beginning with smarter thermostats.  

We tailor the service to your needs and budget with our wide variety of options of smart brands. We’re well-equipped to handle the most basic thermostat project to the most complex smart system. We’re a reputable brand, famous for consistently meeting the client’s expectation and timeframe with excellent workmanship. You only need to check our testimonial section to discover what our clients say about us. 

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Intelligent thermostats are not only about managing the heating and cooling system of your home. You can adjust your thermostat by using app-enabled smart home devices from your phone. You can be anywhere: on your couch, at the grocery store or even on a vacation, as long as your mobile device or phone has a Wi-Fi connection or cellular network. 

When using an automated heating system in the house, you can control and change the indoor temperature by a smartphone app or touchscreen thermostat. This app will make you remotely monitor your home’s temperature from anywhere. You can turn on the heating and take a bath or even turn the whole system off with one touch. 

Combine the nest thermostat system with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to change the temperature. By doing that, you’re turning your phone into a thermal remote control. You can also control the temperature automatically for your pets at home while you’re at work. Furthermore, when it gets too cold at home, you’ll get alerts from installed thermostats.  

You can also switch on your central heating system, underfloor heating, and boiler using your phone. 

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Nest thermostat services are approved by NICEIC, and we have been working for 20 years and are members of the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association.  

When hiring us for home automation services, you will get a team of professionals who have the skill to ensure your thermostat project is done completely and functions normally. 

Our Home Automation Systems bring the convenience of modern home technology. A one-click button can bring your projector down, control your lighting, and create a relaxed atmosphere to watch the newest movie.  

If you want to do anything when you’re out of the house, Connected Spaces got your back. We will insert your home’s automation system into your mobile so that you can change heating by thermostat, lighting and home security with one touch. And we will keep in mind that you have a perfect network to handle your futuristic home. 

 With Connected Spaces Home Automation System, your home will become smarter and more modern. You are in good hands since we have been working for 17 years in the industry, and our Nest thermostat is approved by NICEIC. Moreover, we assure you that we are members of the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association. 

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Last but not least, we’ll make sure that your new thermostat system is integrated with your network to make the most out of our nest thermostat technology. Get in touch with us to learn more about this service and if you’re curious about how our smart systems operate in detail. You can also inquire about anything that you didn’t understand. Our customer service team is more than happy to explain everything clearly.  

Even better, if you want a free quotation, do not hesitate to call us. Once we’ve received the needed information from you, we will sit together to discuss your ideas for a smarter home. Reach us through these three methods. You can dial us on 01420 479093 or on 07422 513 418, send us an email at [email protected], or submit our contact form with all the necessary details. 

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