Smart Lighting and Shading Solutions for Homes and Businesses in Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire

Lighting is no longer just a necessity for your home. It’s an aesthetic that can create the perfect ambience for parties and movie nights. Mood lighting can also be created to enjoy a dinner date.

Our smart lighting system allows you to take full control of all your lighting requirements. Even with no touch at all, your home will light up rooms when you arrive, illuminate the kitchen and bathroom when entered and switch them back off when no one’s around!

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Voice Controlled

With Connected Spaces and Amazon Echo take your lighting to the next level with voice-controlled lighting.  Ask Echo to light up the kitchen when your hands are occupied. Set the mood for a candlelight dinner with a simple spoken request. You can even turn all the house lights off at once from the comfort of your bed.

Wireless lighting

Wireless lighting is ideal for areas of your home where you don’t want cables cut into the walls.  Wireless switches, dimmers and keypads can be used as control interfaces.  Wireless lighting is often favourable for properties undergoing home improvements as it is more cost-effective than retrofitting a wired system.

Outdoor lighting

Outdoor Smart lighting is also well suited to be used to light up decking and water features in gardens and outside seating & recreational areas.  Outdoor lighting can be tailored to highlight landscaping features, enhancing the aesthetics of outside living spaces at night.


Home automation systems expertly designed, supplied and installed

We provide a variety of home automation services within our client’s budgets and time frame without sacrificing quality and workmanship. We are well equipped to handle the smallest to the largest of jobs to modernise every home and business.

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