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Protect your home with state-of-the-art smart security, Surrey homeowners, provided and installed by the experts here at Connected Spaces. With our cutting-edge home automation systems, you can fully integrate all your home controls and control them with a smart device or even your voice. For a professional and affordable installation service, make sure to call our team today on 01420 479093 for all installation enquiries. 

Smart Security in Surrey – The Intelligent Way to Protect Your Home and Possessions 

You wouldn’t leave your car unprotected, so why entrust your home and possessions to the most basic of security setups? Burglars rely on complacency, so it’s important to always remain vigilant. But there are times where this is simply not practical, like when you’re away or at work. The solution? Invest in smart security, Surrey customers. To upgrade your home, just give Connected Spaces a call, and we’ll be round to discuss your requirements in more detail. 

Our Surrey smart security team provide home automation solutions that let you keep tabs on your property even when you’re not there. Through a connected smartphone app, you can access your system, including any cameras. You can get smart doorbell alerts whenever someone is near your front door. And our intelligent system can instantly secure your home at the touch of a button and send instant notifications to you, wherever you happen to be. 

We can install a variety of features that comprise your home’s smart security. Surrey homeowners can choose from features that include: 

  • CCTV Systems 
  • Video Entry Systems 
  • Smart Doorbells and Locks 
  • Motion Detectors 
  • Smart Lighting 
  • And Much More! 

And all of it can be controlled from your smartphone or tablet with full support for remote monitoring and updates.  

Proud to Provide Surrey Smart Security Setups Which Are the Best Around 

At Connected Spaces, we’re committed to providing our customers with everything they need for their smart security. Surrey homeowners, we even supply and install automated gates that can be used to automatically monitor and regulate access to your property. Gate controls can be integrated with your smartphone, so you can see who’s waiting even if you’re on the other side of the world. And you can even open and close the gates remotely using your smartphone! 

This is on top of the range of other features we supply and install as part of smart security in Surrey, such as smart smoke alarms and networking equipment. Speaking of which, we’ll assess your network prior to installation and perform upgrades to ensure your network can handle the load. We have home automation packages to suit a variety of budgets. 

And we’ll always provide smart security, Surrey customers, that’s affordably priced without there being any sacrifice of quality or workmanship. All our home automation systems are expertly designed, supplied, and installed. If you’d like more information, call Connected Spaces today. 

Why Should You Choose Our Surrey Smart Security Company? 

Your home is your sanctuary, so make sure it’s protected 24/7 with the latest, state-of-the-art smart security. Surrey customers all over are reaping the benefits of the outstanding home automation service provided by Connected Spaces. Whether you’re looking to protect your home or even a commercial building, we offer smart security options to suit all needs and budgets.  

Every installation is handled by a highly trained specialist with an NICEIC accreditation. This accreditation means they can not only install automated systems but also sign-off on the work, saving you time and money. No matter your situation or request, they’ll design a system that fully protects your property and possessions. And with full automation support, you’ll always have complete peace of mind, even when you’re sat somewhere thousands of miles away. 

So, if you’re now convinced that we’re the right choice for smart security in Surrey, get in touch with Connected Spaces using the contact details below. 

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