Are you looking to upgrade your home with smart lighting? Guildford customers need look no further than Connected Spaces as we provide the full range of home automation technologies. We’re NICEIC accredited and have access to cutting-edge equipment from top brands. From a smart lighting setup to a complete setup that incorporates entertainment, security, and heating, we can do it all. To get started, call us today on 01420 479 093

The Number One Installer of Smart Lighting in Guildford  

Wouldn’t you like to fully automate the lighting in your home or be able to control it with from your smart device? Well, now you can as Connected Spaces are proud to supply and install top-of-the-line smart lighting. Guildford customers who’ve worked with us in the past will happily attest to our capabilities. We’ve amassed an impressive reputation, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. 

Proud to Supply Guildford Smart Lighting Designed to Fit Your Lifestyle 

Smart lighting, Guildford customers, is an excellent investment, perfect for creating convenience while providing the right ambience to suit any occasion. Whether you’re getting ready for movie night, setting the scene for a party, or creating the right atmosphere for a romantic dinner date, one voice command is all it takes. Our smart lighting systems are fully automated and are designed to respond to your voice control. 

You can set timers to fit around your routine. From switching lights on for when you return home to automatically adjusting the brightness setting throughout the evening, the options are almost limitless. You can even set the lights to detect when a person enters or leaves a room. This process of automating the lights based on motion is not only convenient but saves you money too. With smart lighting in Guildford, never again will the lights be left on, wasting electricity. 

With Amazon Echo compatibility, you can use ‘Ask Echo’ to control the lights in your home with just your voice. One simple spoke request is all it takes to control your smart lighting. Guildford customers can also control their lights using their smart device. And don’t worry about whether your network can handle all this, as we’ll inspect and upgrade it if necessary. It’s all part of the fantastic service we provide. 

Wireless and Outdoor Lighting 

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Smart Lighting Guildford

As well as internal lighting, we also supply customers in Guildford smart lighting for the outdoors. Perfect as feature lighting, we can supply options for the following: 

  • Decking 
  • Water Features 
  • Patios 
  • Outside Seating 
  • Recreational Areas 

The lighting we supply can be tailored to complement your outdoor space, highlighting the focal points of your landscaping.  

And as for cutting into walls to install cables, we take an entirely different approach when installing smart lighting, Guildford customers. We supply and install wireless switches, dimmers, and keypads with no cutting required. This is an ideal option, especially for properties undergoing renovations. Our wireless systems are just as capable as wired options and are a cost-effective alternative to retrofitting a wired system. 

What Makes Us the Best Choice for Smart Lighting, Guildford Has to Offer? 

Welcome to Connected Spaces – the premier company for local residents and business owners interested in investing in automation technologies. Whether you’re looking to automate your lights or for the whole kit and caboodle, rest assured we have you covered. Our NICEIC accreditation means that we can not only install smart lighting in Guildford but verify and sign-off on the work as well. 

Such accreditation should give you every confidence when looking at Guildford smart lighting companies. That and the fact we only ever use products sourced from trusted brands. We offer high-quality installations that won’t let you down. When calling Connected Spaces, you should always expect to receive a tailored service, and professional advice suited to your requirements. And with our affordable rates, you’ll never spend over the odds for a new, fully automated home setup. 

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