Are you looking for ways to bring your home into the modern digital age? Well, here at Connected Spaces, we have developed a range of advanced technology that will transform your property into a smart home. Surrey residents will be able to control their lighting, heating, security and entertainment with a swipe of a button. For more information about our high quality systems, give us a call on 01420 479093. 

Seamless Surrey Home Automation 

In today’s world, you can pretty much access whatever you need via your smart devices. You can shop online, talk to loved ones, and pay bills all via your phones and tablets. Well, how would you feel if you knew you could control household functions too? Here at Connected Spaces, we supply and install a range of smart technology in Surrey and surrounding areas. 

Smart Lighting 

For both your home and garden, we have technology that can control your lighting. Having functioning lights is not only important for safety reasons, but it can also set the mood. By coming to our team of experts, we can provide you with voice-controlled lighting. This means that your new smart home, Surrey residents, will be able to switch on the lights when you issue a voice command. 

Team it up with your Amazon Echo, or you can control dimmer switches via our wireless lighting. Rather than opt for a retrofitted wired system, choose our cost-effective solution. We also supply outdoor lighting as part of our Surrey home automation systems. This allows you to light up your garden with a swipe of a button. 

Smart Heating 

Via a touchscreen thermostat or smartphone app, you will be able to control the temperature of your property using our smart technology. In Surrey, many homes have benefitted from our solutions as you can control the heating even when you’re not in the house. So, on those cold winter days after work, you can use your phone to set the timer so that your home is warm and toasty when you arrive.  

As well as on your phone, you can also integrate your smart system with Amazon Echo or Google Assistant. 

Smart Home Security 

We all want to feel safe in our homes, and by integrating our systems into your property, you can enhance your security options. Your new smart home, Surrey residents, will be able to alert you if someone is near to the entrance or if someone has approached your gate. In fact, we supply and install automated gates. 

As part of this Surrey home automation system, you can set your gates to open and close automatically when a car approaches. You can also control who enters through the gates, all via your smartphone or tablet. As well as automated gates, you can also select the following: 

  • CCTV Systems 
  • Video Entry Systems 
  • Smart Locks 
  • Smart Smoke Alarms 
  • Motion Detectors 
  • Networking Equipment and More! 

Home Entertainment 

We all enjoy relaxing at the end of the day by watching a movie or listening to music, and now, you can enhance this experience through our smart technology in Surrey. We boast a range of home entertainment systems, all of which are sleek and stylish. For example, our team can install multi-room audio systems. 

Your smart home, Surrey residents, can be set up so that when you play music, it will follow you into every room! Alternatively, you can set the music to be played at a certain time, or you can blast it through ceiling or wall speakers. 

Why Come to Us to Convert Your Property into a Smart Home, Surrey Residents? 

Here at Connected Spaces, we are specialists in all manner of smart technology. We can fully integrate your property, using advanced systems to enhance your security. Your new smart home, Surrey residents, can also control lighting, heating and home entertainment! With 17 years of experience, you can put your full trust in our NICEIC approved company. 

Smart Home Entertainment

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