Are you looking for ways to increase the security of your home? Well, by enlisting the expertise of our team at Connected Spaces, you can have smart technology implemented into your home. Rather than opt for a bulky security system, consider our streamlined motion detectors. Hampshire residents should know that we specialise in a range of smart security for homes like yours. For more information about what we can do for you, give us a call on 01420 479093. 

Hampshire Motion Detectors to Protect Your Home 

Home security has changed dramatically over the years due to the constant development of new technology. Here at Connected Spaces, we have a team of knowledgeable and experienced experts that have created systems designed to keep an eye on your home. We have supplied many motion detectors in Hampshire for this purpose. 

Motion detectors, Hampshire residents, can be incorporated into your alarm system. When leaving your home, you can have peace of mind knowing that your space is safe. The detectors are designed to pick up movement, and you can set the device to alert you when it detects unwanted visitors. 

You will have the option to switch on this feature for when you leave the property, therefore avoiding triggering the alarm when you and your family are home. Our Hampshire motion detectors contain advanced technology that can differentiate between human motion and pets. So, you will only be signalled if a human intruder has made their way into your home. 

Our team can tailor the device to your needs. We can connect it to your existing alarm system, so not only will you get a warning, but the alarm will sound once a stranger is detected. If you already have our smart lighting technology in your home, we can sync the switches with your motion detectors in Hampshire. This will then result in your lights turning on when movement is flagged. 

What Other Security Systems Do We Provide? 

If you want to equip your home with multiple smart security devices, then there is no better company to turn to than Connected Spaces. We have developed a range of high quality systems that will maintain the safety of your property and your family. As well as our motion detectors, Hampshire residents should consider the following: Home Automation Hampshire Berkshire Surrey

  • Electric Automated Gates 
  • CCTV System 
  • Smart Locks 
  • Video Entry Systems
  • Smart Smoke Alarms 
  • Networking Equipment and More! 

    There is no doubt that Hampshire motion detectors are a popular choice for customers due to their accuracy and convenience. Our technology can be linked up to your smartphone, giving you full control via your phone screen. 

    Why Choose Our Motion Detectors, Hampshire Residents? 

    Here at Connected Spaces, we specialise in converting properties into smart homes. From smart entertainment to motion detectors, in Hampshire, residents can have it all. We use advanced technology to create home automation systems designed to make your life easier and home more secure.  

    As a company, we provide an unrivalled service. Our experts take care of the entire process, from design, supply and installations. Before using your motion detectors, Hampshire residents, we will show you how they work and explain the benefits of them.  

    For peace of mind, you should know that we boast more than 17 years of experience and we are approved by NICEIC. We are also members of the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association, so you can trust us to build high quality motion detectors. Hampshire residents should get in touch today! 

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