Are you looking to equip your home with the latest automation technologies? Perhaps a home entertainment setup or state-of-the-art smart lighting. Then you’ll need to make sure your wireless network is up to scratch, as subpar wifi can impact the performance of any smart home setup. Your wifi might be capable of running your access to the internet but is it up to the task of handling your smart home systems? This is a crucial area often overlooked but one that won’t be missed by the specialists here at Connected Spaces

We handle everything, from survey and design to supply and installation. As part of any smart home technology installation, we carry out a routine network analysis. This ensures that your network is providing the best support for completely uninterrupted coverage. Our service is affordable and carried out by industry certified professionals. If you would like to find out more, give us a call today on 01420 479093

The Number One Hampshire Wifi Specialist Company  

If you’re looking for the number one Hampshire wifi specialist, look no further than Connected Spaces. Most homeowners nowadays have access to wireless internet, and it’s not uncommon for wifi networks to support multiple devices. If you’re looking to upgrade your home to a smart home, you’ll be relying on a stable wifi connection to keep everything operating smoothly.  

As part of our comprehensive survey, design, and installation service, we ensure that your wireless network is up to scratch so that it can handle your new and improved futuristic home. 

Smart Home Entertainment

A Variety of Wifi Solutions to Choose From  

You might be expecting smart home technologies to utilise a lot of bandwidth, but the good news is that they really don’t. The main obstacle to be aware of is your current bandwidth usage. If you’re nearing the limit of your wireless network, smart technologies could be enough to tip things over the edge. Don’t worry though, as Connected Spaces will carry out a thorough inspection of your network. We offer a variety of wifi solutions to ensure your network is capable of comfortably handling the increased demand. 

The Hampshire Wifi Specialist  

Connected Spaces are the leading Hampshire wifi specialist as we have plenty of experience optimising wireless networks, ensuring an optimal smart home experience. The beauty of having us carry out a network analysis is that it can fix any issues you might have previously had with an unreliable internet connection. We’ll leave your wifi network in great shape, ensuring smooth, uninterrupted performance. 

Why Choose Connected-Spaces for Our Wifi Services?  

When it comes to smart home automation technologies, you simply cannot go wrong by enlisting the expertise of Connected Spaces. Whether you’re looking to automate your heating, lighting, security, entertainment, or the whole household, we deliver a service tailored to your needs and budget. We only supply and fit equipment sourced from trusted suppliers. Each of our engineers is NICEIC accredited, so you can enjoy complete peace of mind. 

As well as being the top home automation specialists, we’re also one of the most affordable. We feel you shouldn’t have to pay through the nose for a top-quality wireless setup. By opting for wireless, we won’t have to cut into the walls to install cables. Plus, if your property is undergoing renovation, you can enjoy a more cost-effective alternative to wired installations. And we promise that you’ll only ever pay the most competitive prices. Upgrading your home to a smart home has never been more practical or affordable. 

Other Services We Provide  

Besides our excellent wifi services, we at Connected Spaces also provide our four core services which are as follows: 

You can find more about our smart heating and security services below. You can also find out more about any of the services mentioned above by clicking on the respective links. 

Smart Security System

Smart Heating  

Smart heating is a great way to keep your home at the perfect temperature without spending a fortune on heating bills. You can control your entire setup with your smart device, even remotely. And when you’re in the household, you can control it with your voice using either Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Adjust the temperature on the fly, get alerts when your home temperature gets too low, switch on the boiler for when you get home, and even set up routines – your heating at your fingertips. 

Smart Security  

With a smart security setup, you can keep an eye on your home 24/7, even when you’re hundreds of miles away. We supply and install CCTV systems, video entry systems, doorbells and more. Your entire setup will be integrated with your smart device, granting complete control on the go. Your system will ping you alerts when someone approaches your door and even lets you secure your entire property with the touch of a button. 

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It should now be obvious to you who to call if you’re searching for wifi experts in Hampshire. At Connected Spaces, we understand just how important it is to have a robust wireless network in place to support any smart home setup. Good wifi is not just important for internet access; it also ensures that your smart home responds the way you want it to. A subpar network can cause nothing but frustration, but with Connected Spaces, you can trust that your home network will be configured to handle all requirements. 

Now that you’ve had a chance to read about our impressive smart home services, you’re likely looking to get in touch. As discussed above, the most direct way to get in touch is by phoning us on 01420 479093. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to get in touch using a written method, you can do so by filling out our online contact form or emailing [email protected]

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